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The United Methodist Church is made up of the Methodist people. We are a Christian denomination with over 12 million members across the globe, and we share a common heritage under our founder, John Wesley (1703-1791). Derived from Wesley's teachings, the United Methodist Church holds many common beliefs. Some of these are:

  • God's grace is for all

  • Cultivate "personal holiness" through acts of piety such as devotion to scripture, prayer, worship, and accountability

  • Cultivate "social holiness" through acts of mercy such as service, mission, and caring for the poor, sick, and vulnerable.

  • Open communion: Everyone is welcome to receive the bread and cup at Jesus' table. 

Map of UMC Global Ministries efforts


In Druid Hills UMC, we believe everyone is called to serve in God's mission - that means you! In addition to our local church's missions, the United Methodist Church has many opportunities to serve, short-term, long-term, close to home, or far away. 

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